A hail damaged roof is a hassle, but when you have a team of experienced professionals ready to assist, you can be certain it won’t be that way for long. We offer hail repair services for residential and commercial roofing systems and our professional roofing contractors will make sure your roof gets back to peak performing condition in no time. Improving the condition of your roof is our goal and our extensive list of roofing services and solutions is sure to get your roof what it needs. No issue will have the chance to go undetected when you call on us. Know your roof is in good hands, call Spartan Restoration today at (720) 696 – 0495. We’re proud to serve Centennial, CO and the surrounding areas.

When Disaster Hits

We know we’re fortunate to live in this incredible state, with gorgeous views no matter where you are and an abundance of activities to keep you busy, what’s not to love about Colorado? The hail, that’s about it. Hail is destructive and can cause major damage to the roof of your home, office building, or other property. Roofs are really put to the test here, especially during the stormier summer months. At Spartan Restoration, we know disaster can strike at the worst of times and that’s why we have 24/7 emergency roofing services available to keep any damage to a minimum. If you need help with hail damage, don’t stress, we’re here to help!

If you’ve recently had a hailstorm go through your area, call our team today to schedule your roof for inspection. Industry recommendations are to have two professional inspections each year, or after any major weather event. Having your roof professionally inspected after a storm can help to catch any issues immediately and if your roof didn’t incur any damages, then you can have the peace of mind knowing things are protected properly! We’re here to help you get the most from your roof and make sure it’s always in the proper condition to keep things protected. Reach out to our team anytime you have roofing questions or concerns!

Call Today

Don’t let your hail damaged roof sit, call Spartan Restoration for immediate service! When dealing with a damaged roof in Centennial, CO, you can rest easy knowing we’re here to keep things safeguarded appropriately. Give us a call today at (720) 696 – 0495.